Rachael McCririck

The Commonwealth Treasury


I signed up for an economics degree at university (despite no prior experience with the subject) because I’d heard it was a great degree for people who weren’t sure what type of job they wanted yet, as it gives you plenty of options post-graduation (policy, consulting, finance etc). I did my Bachelor’s Degree with Honours at the University of Queensland, with a focus on development economics in my thesis. I was a graduate at the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) and spent a number of years there including working with and developing macroeconomic models and assisting in the Bank’s business liaison program. I was lucky enough to be sponsored by the RBA to study my Masters at Oxford University where my research focus was labour market models. I now work as a Senior Adviser at the Commonwealth Treasury where my focus is macroeconomic policy frameworks. In my spare time I love hiking, playing video games and I’ve recently started learning to sew my own clothes.