Portrait of Parliamentary Budget Officer, Jenny Wilkinson, Murral Hall, Tuesday 2 August 2017. DPS Caption FIle Number 170375. Credit:  Image by Michael Masters. AUSPIC/DPS.

Jenny Wilkinson

Head of the Parliamentary Budget Office, Parliamentary Budget Office

Government, Academia

Jenny is the head of the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO). The PBO is responsible for providing independent and non-partisan budget and fiscal analysis services to all parliamentarians, including providing confidential costings of proposed policies on request.  The PBO’s mandate also includes undertaking and publishing research reports that are aimed at improving the public’s understanding of budget issues and enhancing transparency around fiscal matters.  

Over her career, Jenny has worked across a wide range of public policy areas in the Commonwealth Treasury, the Department of Climate Change, the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet and the Reserve Bank of Australia.

She has been responsible for providing advice on policy issues including fiscal and monetary policy settings, macroeconomic developments and forecasts, retirement income and superannuation policy, small business policy, competition policy and climate change policy.

Jenny holds a Masters Degree in Public Affairs from Princeton University and a Bachelors Degree in Economics (with Honours) from the Australian National University.