Candice Burch

Shadow Minister for Transport & Public Sector Management, Member for Kurrajong, ACT Legislative Assembly
Public Policy Economist


Candice is a Member of the ACT Legislative Assembly for the electorate of Kurrajong. Candice is the Shadow Minister for Transport, and Public Sector Management. Candice is also the Deputy Chair of the Standing Committee on Environment and Transport and City Services.


As Shadow Minister for Transport, Candice is responsible for interrogating Government policy and spending in relation to transport and road safety, as well as formulating Opposition policy in this space. Similarly, as Shadow Minister for Public Sector Management, Candice has portfolio responsibly for service delivery (including Access Canberra), the ACT Public Service, communication and community engagement, shared services, government accommodation and property services, and whole-of-government regulatory reform.


In her role as a Deputy Committee Chair, Candice examines matters related to city and transport services, public infrastructure, heritage, sport and recreation, climate change policy and programs, water and energy policy and services, conservation, environment and ecological sustainability, primarily through the Parliamentary Inquiry process.


As a local member for the electorate of Kurrajong, Candice also takes interest in a broad range of public policy matters affecting residents of the Inner North and Inner South of Canberra.


Prior to her election to the ACT Legislative Assembly, Candice worked as an Assistant Director at the Commonwealth Department of Finance. During her time at the Department of Finance, Candice worked in Budget Group across a broad range of policy areas, including Customs and Boarder Protection; Law Enforcement and National Security; Arts; Climate Change and Environmental Regulation; Industry, Innovation and Science; and Resources and Northern Australia.


Candice completed a double degree in Economics and Arts at the Australian National University with majors in Political Science and Development Studies. Candice is currently completing a Master of Business Administration at Deakin University. Candice has been a member of the Liberal Party of Australia, ACT Division, since 2007.