Bridget Browne

Partner, Actuarial Services,

Industry, Government, Academia

I studied actuarial science as part of my Bachelor of Economics before going on to complete my Fellowship of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia.  Actuaries draw on the economic training to build models of often complex, long term and contingent systems to answer questions around long term costs, resource allocation decisions and sustainable systems.  We also specialise in quantifying risk in uncertain circumstances and I am also a Chartered Enterprise Risk Analyst.

I lead EY’s actuarial practice in Canberra, part of a team that focuses on government and public sector clients. We bring actuarial analytical techniques to complex challenges in health, human services, defence and transport among other sectors.  

My team provides services to a broad range of government clients. A sample of projects include:

  • New Zealand Oranga Tamariki Ministry for Children – I jointly led the team that developed the world-leading Children’s Lifetime Wellbeing Model, a mircosimulation that assesses children’s current wellbeing holistically and projects their potential future lifecourse from birth to age 25 and beyond, including interactions with the government across health, education, child protection, youth justice, welfare and corrections. This is supporting the transformation of children’s services, including the Children’s Wellbeing Strategy, part of the country’s new resolve to make NZ the “best place in the world to be a child”. 
  • Defence – we built a risk-based decision making approach for a recent procurement, capturing disparate qualitative data and aggregating it in a way that communicated the complex trade offs between available options.
  • Disability – we examined the risks and potential costs that our most vulnerable cohorts face through the transition to the NDIS, quantifying aspects of the boundary issues faced by the Scheme and the States/Territories.
  • Home Affairs – our work on assisting with risk assessments has led to improved decision making for certain sensitive cohorts. We contributed to improving the Child Safeguarding Framework that enables the Department to ameet its child protection and wellbeing responsibilities and obligations.
  • Aged care – as part of my doctoral studies I examined barriers to developing an insurance market to contribute to financing our burgeoning long term care needs
  • Cost benefit Analysis – we routinely develop cost-benefit models to support informed government decisions and evidence based policy development.
  • Statistical sampling – we are frequently called on to give advice on design and execution of robust sampling plans for assurance purposes

As an actuary I have worked in financial services in life insurance, reinsurance and pensions, in Canada, the UK and France as well as Australia.  For many years I was based in Paris, leading the global pricing team for a reinsurer with business in all continents.  More recently I taught actuarial studies at the Australian National University, developing and leading the Enterprise Risk Management courses among others.

I am passionate about the data agenda and applaud the government’s drive to make the best use of public data for the public good.