Jenny Gordon

Formerly Principal Adviser, Research, Productivity Commission
Public Policy/Research Economist

Government, Indusrty, Academia

Until recently Jenny Gordon was the Principal Advisor Research at the Productivity Commission, where she oversaw the Commission’s research program and provided advice and quality assurance for research and inquiry work across both the Melbourne and Canberra Offices. She joined the Commission in March 2008, after 14 years at the Centre for International Economics, six as a Director and partner in the firm. Jenny completed a PhD in economics from Harvard University in 1993, and taught macroeconomics and econometrics at Wellesley College before returning to Australia in 1995. Prior to undertaking her PhD, Jenny taught at Macquarie University, and was previously at the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Jenny has extensive experience working in Asia on issues of economic governance financial development, and trade policy. Her areas of work experience include the development and evaluation of government policies in the areas of research and development, infrastructure, human services, agriculture and the environment. At the Commission, Jenny was particularly involved in social policy areas, including the reform of the aged care and the childcare systems, as well as in productivity research. She retains a strong interest in measuring non-market outcomes, understanding the trade-offs with market outcomes, including over time, and incorporating these issues into wider cost-benefit analysis to better inform policy decisions.