Catie Bradbear

Inquiry Manager
Productivity Commission
Public Policy Economist

Government, Academia

Catie is an inquiry manager at the Productivity Commission, the Australian Government’s independent economic research and advice agency. She is currently on a 12 month inquiry examining the economic regulation of airport services. Catie enjoys that her role enables her to interact with those who are genuinely affected by economic and social policies, and ultimately, the ability to make a positive contribution to the welfare of the Australian community.

Catie has worked on a diverse range of inquiries in the six and a half years she has been at the PC, including Horizontal Fiscal Equalisation, Consumer Law Administration and Enforcement, Migrant Intake, International Education Services and Tasmanian Shipping and Freight

Catie started her career at the Treasury in Canberra, where she worked on agricultural and environmental policy and Australia’s response to the global financial crisis through the G20. Following Treasury she had a brief stint at the Australian National University, conducting research through the National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health conducting research.

Catie is a member of the ACT WEN Committee. She is interested in what attracts and what turns off women from studying economics. She is keen to relate the aspects of economics that she most enjoys and dispel any myths about what it means to be an economist.

When not at work, Catie enjoys taking her energetic and excitable dog for walks, skiing, sewing and cooking. She has a Bachelor of Economics and a Masters of Economic Studies from the University of Queensland. She also has a Certificate III in headwear/millinery from CIT.