How do I apply?

We are not currently matching students with individual mentors. Instead, please come along to our networking events: see our upcoming events.

When we do open for applications (expected to be in 2023), the mentoring program will be open to all women studying economics subjects in the ACT.

Applications will be  submitted through an online questionnaire accessed through the link below.

You will be asked to express a preference for three mentors as part of the application process. While every effort will be made to match you with your preferred mentor, it may not always be possible. Should this be the case, you will be linked with a mentor based on shared interests and areas of expertise. The application process will collect information on your interests to help with this.

In addition, we will also ask you for a range of other background information to assist in evaluating the program. We will also follow up with you at the mid point and at the end of the program as part of the evaluation process. Your consent will be requested for this at the start of the application process.

Unfortunately demand for the program may mean that we are unable to match every applicant with a mentor.  


How much time will this take up?

The number of times you meet your mentor is up to you and your mentor. We suggest around 4 times over the course of the next 10 or so months. We will provide you with information to help you both get the most out of your meetings. We will also invite you to 2-3 networking events over the course of the program, which will be an opportunity for you to meet other mentors and mentees. 

Will I definitely get matched with a mentor?

We are unable to guarantee that all applicants will be matched with a mentor. We are constrained by the number of mentors that are participating. Whether you are or are not matched to a mentor will be conducted through a randomisation process. This will also assist with our evaluation of the program.

When will I fINd out?

We will let you know of the outcome of your application and your potential mentor in the second week of September. We will then arrange your first mentor meeting and also be in contact about events we are planning.  

Will I get the mentor I've requested?

While every effort will be made to match you with your preferred mentor, it may not always be possible. In such cases we will use the information you provide on your interests to match you with a mentor. All our mentors have a wealth of experience to offer, including on career options, how to weigh up difficult decisions and how to juggle work and everything else.